Nokia Fido Kanada SIM-Lock Entsperrung

Nokia Fido Kanada SIM-Lock EntsperrungDienstleistung ermöglicht alle Fido Kanada Nokia SIM-Locks mittels eines Codes zu entfernen. Bedient werden alle Nokia Modelle in dem Mobilfunknetz. Das ist eine sicherste SIM-Lock Entfernungsmethode ohne in das Telefon einzugreifen.


2018-08-15 12:03:47 Christian

SIM-Lock Nokia Lumia 830 - Impressed on how fast I received the code, how easy and friendly the process is and the code worked and was able to unlock my phone. Thankssssss

2018-08-08 20:04:08 Steven

SIM-Lock Nokia 2720 - I live in Canada and had to use +7 at the end of the unlock code to unlock my Nokia 2720. Great service, very satisfied, thank you. *****

2018-01-03 12:42:25 Mircea

SIM-Lock Nokia 6301 - The code itself was good.But to unlock phones from North America networks the code must end with + 7 , not +1 as you email me.I tried the code twice, then I searched the internet.

2018-01-02 10:02:50 Enamul

SIM-Lock Nokia Lumia 830 - Good service. I am happy

2014-05-20 09:08:26 Nurisya

SIM-Lock Nokia 2220 Slide - It is easy and really works. thumbs up

2012-04-09 08:14:51 Sébastien

SIM-Lock Nokia C6 - Delivery has been in late (it took about 24hours) but the code and the procedure worked correctly. Good quality and low price :)

2012-01-16 10:50:56 Zinaida

SIM-Lock Nokia X2-01 - Nice job :)

2012-01-13 16:43:19 Jasmin

SIM-Lock Nokia X2-01 - It works :)) Great :))

2011-11-22 16:18:56 lawrence

SIM-Lock Nokia C6 - the code works

2011-11-10 15:45:50 Robert

SIM-Lock Nokia C6 - Very prompt service (less than 24 hours). Procedure for a Nokia C6 phone (Fido Canada) was straight forward and received "SIM restriction OFF" message. Replaced original SIM card and phone booted into Offline mode. Removed and reseated the SIM card and rebooted. During the second boot, the phone gave a prompt asking if I wanted to continue in Offline mode or not. Choosing not to stay in offline the phone is now functioning normally. I am happy with the service. Thankyou.

2011-09-11 04:08:49 Maciej Gawroñski

SIM-Lock Nokia C6 - Wszystko ok, simlock w mojej nokii c6 zdjêty;)